Air Wing

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The main objective of the Air Wing trg is to create interest amongst the youth of the nation in aviation activities. In the Flying Sqns, besides normal trg, cdts will be imparted trg in gliding / microlite flying activities. The following targets will be achieved during the trg year.
Air Wing Cdts (SD/SW) would be trained on Glider and / Microlite.
Task to be achieved by each Air Sqn are 1000 launches on Gliders or 200 hours on Microlites or a combination of 500 launches and 100 hours if a Squadron has both Glider and Microlites.
Dtes should ensure that COs and GIs of Air Sqns under them, attain glider and microlite instructor status within two months of their posting to the Sqn.
Microlite, gliders and winches must be kept in a high state of serviceability.