Cadet's Commandments

Cadet's Commandments

1. I will ensure construction of toilet in my house and motivate at least 10 persons for the same.

2. I will be an 'Aadhar' Indian and would motivate 10 more persons to be one.

3. I will donate blood at least once every year.

4. I will make only digital transactions wherever possible and motivate others for the same.

5. I will plant minimum two trees in a year and care for the same.

6. I will obtain my voter and PAN Card once I have crossed 18 years of age.

7. I will ensure garbage segregation in my house and within 100 m of my neighbourhood.

8. I will undertake 100 hours of shramdaan for social service.

9. I will help physically-challenged persons to live their dreams.

10. I will be a role model for gender sensitivity.

11. I will rush to help any accident victim.

12. I will always uphold motto of NCC - 'Unity and Discipline'. I will be equally disciplined when not under observation