Deputy Director General Logistics [Ddg (Lgs)]

1.         Administration of all NCC entities (including Headquarters and Units) with regard to aspects of accommodation, clothing, vehicles, equipment and stores.

2.         Co-ordination and formulation of logistics budget.

3.         Procurement of clothing items, vehicles, ammunition, Army, Air and Naval equipment.

4.         Sanction and progressing works, allotment of funds to directorates and Quartering Policy.

5.         KLP of HQ DGNCC and State Directorates.

6.         Regularisation of losses.

7.         Handling of audit objections including MFAI cases.

8.         Administration of HQ DGNCC Camp.

9.         Setting up, coordination of Republic Day Camp and NCC National Games to include all logistics issue.

Director Logistics (A) [Dir Lgs (A)]

1.         Ensure timely Forecast, Provisioning and Procurement of clothing and equipment for NCC.

2.         Present annual requirement of clothing stores/equipment to the Ministry of Defence.

3.         Ensure Budget control, timely forecast and planning and monitoring expenditure of stores/equipment.

4.         Process introduction of new equipment with Ministry of Defence.

5.         Prepare date sheet and brief for Tender Purchase Committee and assist the Committee in finalisation of the procurement proposals.

6.         Monitoring the progress of materialization of stores/equipment from the Trade/Ordnance/Ordnance Factories.

7.         Regular interaction with DGQA for quality assurance and inspection of clothing, equipment, vehicles, controlled stores and accessories.

8.         Responsible to ensure timely publication of tender notice and its opening by Purchase Cell.

9.         Responsible for fixing TPC and other meeting with Ministry of Defence related with procurement of stores and equipment.

10.       Oversee the functions of DDs Clothing and JD Lgs (Veh & Eqpt), Air and Purchase Cell.

11.       To lay down policy on procurement of clothing and necessaries including life cycle and wastage policy.

12.       Ensure timely and correct issue of supply orders after approval of minutes / CFA approval and monitoring of supplies.

13.       To monitor items purchased are delivered to the users as per schedule.

14.       Act as advisor to DDG Lgs on Equipment and Stores.

15.       Will hold addl charge of JD Lgs (Veh & Eqpt) in his absence.

Director Logistics  (B) [Dir Lgs (B)]

1.         Responsible for processing of cases pertaining to works, accommodation, quartering and land with Ministry of Defence / Director General Defence Estate / Quarter Master General.

2.         Progress Policy issue on works.

3.         Release funds for works at Non-Military Stations where land has been obtained and Administrative approval has been accorded by CFA.

4.         Processing of cases for all major work projects.

5.         All cases relating to transfer of cost free land/defence land.

6.         Key Location Plan of NCC / OTM accn for HQ NCC and State Dtes.

7.         Processing of cases pertaining to lease deed.

8.         Policy – SFA, CILQ and quartering.

9.         Hiring of Directorates office building, Officers’ Messes and married accommodation.

10.       Release funds for payment of rentals for hired buildings.

11.       Release funds for purchase of ready built flats.

12.       Formulate standardized briefing for all conferences/seminars/workshops.

13.       Act as advisor to DDG Lgs on all aspects of Works and lands.

14.       Will hold addl charge of JD Lgs (Wks & Qtr) in his absence.

Joint Director Logistics Coord [Jt Dir Lgs (Coord)]

1.         Enlistment of vendors for various items / services for NCC National Games (NG) and Republic Day Camp (RDC).

2.         Contracts of furniture for NCC National Games and (Horse Show and PM’s Rally).

2.         Contract of Dry / Fresh ration and cooking services for NCC NG and RDC.

3.         Contract for Medals and trophies for TSC, NCC NG and RDC.

4.         Arrangement of fire tender, water bowsers during NCC NG and RDC and ambulances for NCC NG.

5.         Enlistment of vendors for hiring of CHT and repair / maint of vehs.

6.         Allotment of Camp accommodation and NCC Auditorium.

7.         Coordinate hiring of CHT for officers detailed for temporary duty in Delhi.

8.         Obtain prior approval of ADG (B) before hiring tpt for impromptu indentors and also for conferences.

9.         Coordinate MT for providing transport for local movement to officers posted in HQ DGNCC.

10.       Oversee the functions of DD Coord and OC Camp and perform the duties of MTO of DGNCC Camp.

11.       Ensure timely conditioning of tubes/ tyres/ btys/ tarpaulines/ VKL items in respect of MT of HQ DG NCC.

12.       Preparation of MVR. FOL provisioning, demanding, storing and Budget management.

13.       Prog audit objections relating to MT.

14.       Prog backloading of vehs/accessories.

15.       Assist DDG Lgs in co-ordination of RDC which includes purchase of stores, employment of labour and oversee functions of Quartermaster and MTO. 

16.       Assist DDG Lgs for complete logistics co-ordination of PM’s Rally, in coordination with OC Camp.

17.       Officiate as OC Camp, DGNCC Camp in his absence.          

Addl Dir Dgncc Camp (Oc Camp)

1.         Administration of DGNCC Camp.

2.         To perform duties of Asst Security Officer of Camp.

3.         Custodian of all RDC stores.

4.         To ensure maintenance and serviceability of all RDC stores.

5.         To look after all horticulture assets of Camp.

6.         To ensure that NCC auditorium is maintained at all times and utilised properly by agencies to which it is allotted.

7.         To ensure hygiene & sanitation of camp.

8.         To ensure that all building and accessories are maintained properly.

Joint Director Logistics (Vehicle & Equipment) [Jd (V&E)]

1.         Carry out Annual Provision Review of all Equipments, Vehicles, Arms, Ammunition and other controlled stores after obtaining inputs from all NCC Dtes.

2.         Maintain and monitor the holding, surplus and deficiency of A and B vehs including specialist vehicles.

3.         Maintain liaison with MISO and E&M / WE Dtes for release of vehicles of Army origin.

4.         Arms and Ammunition:-

(a)        Policy on storage and safe custody of arms/ammunition.

(b)        Processing of stock and expenditure return of ammunition from all NCC units for further follow-up action.

5.         Monitor and obtain various reports and returns from Directorates on holdings serviceability and budgeting.

6.         Issuing policy on quality control, repairs, inspection, revising and updating of PET of Directorates, Group HQ and Units.

7.         Distribute, project cases to MOD for approval of Provision review and procurement of Vehicles.

8.         Maintain and monitor budget allocation and its expenditure for procurement, repairs and spares/accessories for vehicles.

9.         Issue instructions for attachment of vehicles for various centralised functions / events.

10.       Issue Road Move sanction and Extra Meterage sanction.

11.       Arrange for A and B vehicles and other accessories for Republic Day Camp (RDC) and B Vehicles for NCC National Games.

12.       Disposal of obsolete B vehicles and update discard policy of B vehicles.

13.       Assist the DDG (Lgs) in establishment and running of the RDC with respect to:-

(a)        Attachment/administration of vehicles for duties during RDC and NCC National Games from neighbouring State Directorates.

(b)        Associated functions as per Red Book.

14.       Officiate as Dir Lgs (A) and JD Lgs (Navy) in their absence.

Joint Director Logistics Air-Tech [Jt Dir Lgs Air (Tech)]

1.         Specialist officer posted to oversee the technical aspects related to microlites, aircraft and other air eqpt. 

2.         Training of maintenance staff of microlites.

3.         Monitor proper repair of microlites.

4.         Act as adviser to DDG Lgs and all Air Sqns on all technical aspects relating to microlites and gliders.

5.         Officiate as JD Lgs (Air) in his absence.

Joint Director Logistics Air [Jt Dir Lgs (Air)]

1.         To collate recurring requirements as per consumption pattern/ advice by OEM or supplier as well as examine demands received from various Air NCC Sqns also for new acquisition in future after induction.

2.         To call for quotation from the OEM/ Supplier for repair/demanded items on approved format (as per Appendix ‘B’ of SOP 01/2012).

3.         To carry out price negotiation, if considered necessary.

4.         To obtain approval of CFA for the finalized price (including taxes, charges, installation, commissioning, etc. If any) and to place appropriate supply/ work/ repair order on the concerned firm/ OEM for procurement / taking up rectification for which quotation has been already received from the firm.

5.         To carry out follow up action with Dir Lgs B-2, for fund allotment on earmarked basis under code head 01/544/01 for air assets.

6.         To monitor the fund allotted under code head 01/544/01 and forecast further demand of funds, wherever necessary.

7.         To obtain CFA sanction for all purchase/ repair / work prior to placement of order.

8.         To process the bills for payment to the firm through CDA.

9.         To compile date on hangarage space with Air Sqns.

10.       Assist DDG Lgs in performing Logistics duties as part of Logistic Cell in RDC and NCC NG.

11.       Act as adviser to DDG Lgs and all air squadrons on logistics matters of air less technical aspects.

12.       Officiate as JD Lgs Air (Tech) in his absence.

Joint Director Logistics (Works & Quartering) [Jd (W&Q)]

1.         Responsible to Director Logistics (B) and in his absence perform his duties.

2.         Forecast and project anticipated Budget for Works for ensuring year.

3.         Budget management with regard to Capital and Revenue works and monitor progress of works.

4.         Process cases pertaining to Capital and Revenue works within the power of DG seeking Administrative approval and release funds.

5.         Process cases pertaining to allotment of maint funds.

6.         Allotment of funds for payment of electricity/water/municipal taxes.

7.         Provide effective works services to NCC RDC and ensure timely repair and maint in coordination with OC Camp.

8.         Ensure standby power of Lgs.

9.         Evolve methodology for effective implementation of camp works.

10.       Maint and updating of progress of works on regular basis.

11.       Assist DDG Lgs in performing Logistics duties as part of Logistics Cell in RDC and NCC NG related to accommodation and allied services.

12.       Officiate as Dir Lgs (B) in his absence.

Joint Director Logistics (Navy) [Jt Dir Lgs (Navy)]

1.         Naval Eqpt.  Following matters related to Naval equipment held with Naval units:-

(a)        Returns of Naval equipment.

(b)        Process case for CFA sanction for the repair of equipment.

(c)        Process case for CFA approval of equipment declared BER by BOO.

(d)       Monitor cases procurement of Naval equipment based on authority and life cycle concept of condemnation.

2.         Progress cases with MoD for sanction of Naval Eqpt authorised in PET.

3.         Progress cases with MoD for introduction, authorization and sanction of Naval Stores and Eqpt for Naval NCC units.

4.         Monitor state of boats in Naval NCC units and obtain CFA sanction for repairs and BER approval.

5.         Act as advisor to DDG Lgs and all Naval Units on naval logistic matter.

6.         Assist DDG Lgs in performing Logistic duties as part of Logistics Cell in RDC and NCC National Games.

Deputy Director Logistics (Coord) [Dd Lgs (Coord)]

1.         Co-ordination of various activities in Logistics directorate.

2.         Progress on DG, ADG’s & DDG’s Tour Notes on points pertaining to Logistics.

6.         Preparation and compilation of Administrative / Logistics points for conference.

4.         Issue and monitor progress on minutes of all conferences presided over by DDG (Lgs ).

5.         Issue minutes of the Logistics Conference / Logistics Cadre.

6.         Processing and Regularisation of losses pertaining to stores of NCC directorates.

7.         Processing cases of Major accounting and financial irregularities and settlement of audit objections.

8.         Obtain permission for opening / closing of Logistics directorate from Security Office, H Block on quarterly basis.

9.         Officiate as JD Lgs (Coord) in his absence.

Deputy Director Logistics (Clothing) [Dd Lgs (Clo)]

1.         To carryout Annual Provision Review of all clothing items and accoutrements.

2.         Control, maintenance and monitoring of all NCC Clothing and necessaries including expenditure. Store Holding, i.e, surplus/deficiencies with Directorates taking into account annual stock/wastage returns.

3.         To lay down policy on procurement of clothing and necessaries including life cycle and wastage policy.

4.         To lay down policy on NCC Pool tentage and obtain government. sanction to regularise cases pertaining to late return of tentage.

5.         Take up case with Ministry of Defence for inclusion / deletion / change in entitlements / scaling of clothing items authorized to NCC Cadets.

Deputy / Assistant Director Logistics (Purchase) [Dd/Ad  Lgs (Pur)]

1.         Responsible for efficient and effective functioning of Purchase Cell and carryout all tasks related to Purchase Cell.

2.         Responsible for purchase of clothing and equipment items for NCC.

3.         Responsible for timely publication of tender enquiry and its opening as per prescribed procedure.

4.         Sale of Tenders.

5.         Issue of timely and correct Supply Orders after approval of minutes / CFA approval and monitoring of supplies.

6.         To ensure items purchased are delivered to the users as per schedule.

7.         To report to the Director Logistics on all matters related to purchase.

8.         To attend legal cases including audit objections relating to purchase.

9.         To ensure that warranty clause is adhered to by the supplier.

10.       Attend legal cases incl audit objection relating to purchase.

11.       Attend arbitration proceedings.