Manpower & Services


1Responsibilities of MS Dte.

(a) DDG MS.
(b) Dir MS.
(c) MS(A).
(i) JDMS Army.

(aa) Posting/Deficiency of Army Offrs.
(ab) Induction of Army Offrs.
(ac) Turnover of Offrs.
(ad) Policy posting of Army Offrs.
(ae) Record of Service of three Services Offrs.
(af) Offrs Str return : Monthly.
(ag) Arrival/Departure report officer.

(ii) JDMS Navy.

(aa) Processing of posting/deficiency of Naval Officers.
(ab) Taking up cases for transfer/ extension of tenure of officers of Navy.
(ac) Liaison with Service HQs regarding personnel matters.
(ad) Processing cases for filling up of vacant Naval NCC Units.

(iii) JDMS Air Force.

(aa) Processing of posting/deficiency of Air Force Officers.
(ab) Taking up cases for transfer / extension of tenure of officers of Air Force.
(ac) Liaison with Service HQs regarding personnel matters.
(ad) Processing cases for filling up of vacant NCC Units Air Force.

(iv) JDMS Girls.

(aa) Posting/Transfer of WTLOs.
(ab) DGN Publication of WTLOs.
(ac) Probation/Promotion/Resignation/Detailment of WTLOs for the various courses.
(ad) Policy matters (WTLOs).
(ae) Updation of dossiers of WTLOs.
(af) Updation of data on computer of all WTLOs.
(ag) All matters less DV cases and ACRs of WTLOs.


(d) MS(B).

(i) Issue of Retirement Orders.
(ii) Group Insurance Claims/Payments.
(iii) Advance/ Final Withdrawal From DSOP Fund.
(iv) Court Cases Relating to the aspects of Pension and Retirement of WTOs / WTLOs.
(v) Drafting, Processing and Progressing Enactment of NCC Act and Rules.
(vi) Nodal officer of MS Dte for RTI cases.

(e) MS(C).

(i) Confidential Reports of Regular Offrs and NCC WTLOs.
(ii) Statutory and Non Statutory Complaints of Regular Officers on ACRs and Supersession.
(iii) Honours and Awards to Regular Officers and PI Staff.
(iv) Record of Service of Regular Officers/ WTOs/ WTLOs.
(v) Study leave of officers.
(vi) Resettlement Trg Courses.
(vii) Visit Abroad.
(viii) Medical Examination and Medical Documents.
(ix) DSOP Fund of Regular Offrs posted in HQ DGNCC, ADGs and Dy DGs States.
(x) Deputation of Officers.
(xi) CR Dossiers Library of WTLOs.
(xii) Miscellaneous subjects pertaining to Regular Officers.

(f) MS (D).

(i) All policy matters regarding ANOs.
(ii) Extn of Service : ANOs of all 17 Dtes.
(iii) Grant of Commission to ANOs.
(iv) Promotion cases of ANOs.
(v) Court cases.
(vi) Grant of Hony Rank of “Colonel” to VCs of all Dtes.
(vii) Grant of Hony rank of Ex-ANOs of all Dtes.

(g) MS (PI).

(i) Detailment of PI Staff for RDC & PM Rally.
(ii) T/D move sanction of PI Staff.
(iii) Posting cases: Non implementation of posting order of JCOs/NCOs.
(iv) Attachement of PI Staff to HQ DGNCC Camp/Attachment of Army pers with NCC Units on compassionate grounds.
(v) Attachment of PI Staff for central act (Mounteering expedition, TSC, Para – sailing).
(vi) Premature reversion of PI Staff (on disciplinary, not meeting QR to be posted to NCC grounds).
(vii) Nominal roll of PI Staff of various Records/Regts.
(viii) Disciplinary cases, Gen Complaint by PI Staff/against PI Staff, Statutory/ Non statutory complaints of PI Staff.
(ix) Posting /Screening of posting of PI Staff.
(x) Welfare cases of PI Staff.
(xi) Correspondence pertaining to Pt-II Order, Monthly Pay System of PI Staff.
(xii) Low medical category/Corres pertaining to Medical.

(h) MS (DV).

(i) Discipline cases of regular service Offrs and NCC WTOs / WTLOs.
(ii) Anonymous/Pseudonymous complaints against service officers and WTOs/ WTLOs, where gross impropriety, indiscipline and allied matters are involved.
(iii) Progressing of disciplinary awards as a result of courts of inquiry pertaining to disciplinary cases, where disciplinary action by the DG has been directed.
(iv) Vetting and compilation of monthly and quarterly disciplinary reports.
(v) Formulation and issue of policy letters on discipline.
(vi) Interaction and liaison with DV Dte (equivalents of Army, Navy and Air Force) for progressing of discipline cases.
(vii) Statutory/non-statutory complaints concerning regular officers and WTOs/WTLOs against disciplinary awards.