Organisation P&F


Budget & Finance

1.         All financial matters including formulation of Budgetary Estimates, Outcome Budget of NCC, five yearly budgetary projections for finance commission and Defence plan, obtain sanction of funds from MoD for NCC National Games and Republic Day Camp and exercise budgetary & financial control.

2.         Framing of Policy, guidelines and SOPs on allocation and expenditure of funds.

3.         Quarterly allotment of camp funds, sanction based allotment of funds for  Trek/Expeditions and other training activities viz. SNIC, NIC, RCTC, TSC, NSC, VSC, Educational Tours, YEP, Annual Training Grant, Amenity Grant, Permanent Advance, Transportation, Office Contingency Grant and Information Technology to 17 NCC Dtes, 02 OTAs (less Camp expdr and Trek/Mountaineering Expedition), OCG in HQ NCC.

4.         Sanctions for incurring expdr under OCG, IT and CHT in r/o of HQ NCC, 17 NCC Dtes and 02 OTAs in accordance with delegation of powers.

5.         Maintenance of DGNCC Public Fund, RDC and NCC National Games funds.

6.         Review of various allowances/grants to NCC Cadets/ANOs and Incentives to cadets.

7.         Policy matters on delegation of Financial and Administrative powers to DGNCC and other authorities in NCC Dtes, Gp HQ, Units and OTAs.


1.         Personnel Management of Central Govt Civilian Personnel posted in NCC Dtes/Trg Estt including GCIs. This consists of recruitment, posting, transfer, promotion, grant of financial upgradation under Modified Assured Career progression (MACP) Scheme, discipline, Court Cases, upgradation of Pay structure, revision of Terms & Conditions, Cadre reviews etc.

2.         Temporary duty move sanction of all Civ officers and staff of HQ NCC, State NCC Dtes and OTAs.

3.         Conduct of Limited Department Competitive Examination (LDCE) for the post of WTLOs and UDCs.

4.         Holding of III level meeting of Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) and Civ Staff Association.

5.         Monitoring of CPGRAMS.

6.         Setting up of Cadet Cafeteria and Civil Mess during RDC.

7.         Sanction of House Building Advance, Motor Cycle Advance, Bicycle Advance to Civilian personnel posted in NCC Dtes/OTAs (including CGIs and GCIs posted in NCC Organisation).

8.         Sanction for Medical Reimbursement claims for treatment undertaken in private hospitals.

9.         Processing of DGNCC Commendation to civ employees including State Govt employees on NCC Day.

10.       Detailment of civilian staff & GCIs for  various activities like CoCs, RDC and NCC National Games.

11.       RTI cases.

12.       Court case of Civ employees of DGNCC.

13.       Discipline and Vigilance cases as also vigilance clearance of Central Govt Civilian employees of the NCC Dtes and OTAs (Discipline and Vigilance in respect of the Civilian officers and Staff posted in HQ DGNCC is handled by JS (Trg) & CAO).


1.         Staffing of AFHQ Civilian Employees at the Dte Gen NCC and all their related Admin matters.

2.         Issue of Identity cards and passes through Security Office.

3.         Matters pertaining to the Central Registry of the Dte Gen NCC.

4.         All matters relating to the office accommodation at the Dte Gen NCC.

5.         Maintenance and upkeep of the office accommodation.

6.         Maintenance of imprest & OCG.

7.         Stationery and infrastructure.

8.         Arrangement for refreshments, horticulture, TV Sets, Recreation Room, STD Booth etc during RDC and NCC National Games.

9.         All works relating to NCC Library.

10.       Management of NCC wet Canteen and DG NCC Cultural and Recreation Club.

11.       PM Tea function at Teen Murti House.

12.       Issue of Part II orders of Service Officers.

13.       Monitoring of Biometric Attendance System.

14.       Processing of all OCG bills through CDA.

15.       Arrangement of Pass for cadets and officers during RD parade and Beating the Retreat Ceremony.

16.       Redressal of complaints pertaining to civic amenities, breakdown of infrastructure, power failure etc.

17.       Depositing unserviceable items with OD Shakour Basti.


1.         Implementation of Official Language Policy of Govt of India.

2.         Conducting of workshops and regular meetings for Hindi.

Cadets Welfare Society (CWS)

1.         The NCC Cadets Welfare Society was established in 1985 to provide financial assistance or relief in case of demise/injury during any NCC activity. The present aims and objectives of the Society includes the following :-

(a)       To give financial relief to cadets on sustaining injury/disability during NCC activity and NOKs/nominee in case of demise

(b)       To grant Scholarships to academically brilliant students and to grant Best and 2nd Best cadet awards at Group level.

(c)        To conduct sports and adventure activities which cannot be funded by Public Funds.

(d)       To hold rallies/campaigns/road shows for bringing in more social awareness.

2.         It has a two tier management i.e Governing Body and the Managing Committee. The Governing Body is headed by the Additional Secretary which lays down policy guidelines and the Managing Committee is headed by DG NCC which looks after day to day functioning of the Society.

3.         The source of income of the Society includes initial grant by Central Govt/State Govt, membership fee and interest of FDs.  At present the corpus is about Rs 1.41 Cr.